10 Pairs of Yoga Pants You’ll Never Want to Stop Wearing

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    Leggings and yoga pants have been everywhere in 2017 (as well as 2016). Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid often make the item their go-to for when they’re out and about in L.A., so you can see why we’re making such a bold claim.

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    Of course, tatty, holey leggings won’t make the cut for those who are serious about working out and fashion at the same time. To help you feel as comfortable and as chic as possible, we’ve picked 10 of our favourite yoga pants. Well, it’s nearly Christmas and you’ll need some stretchy fabric for all those third helpings. And, er, all that working out you’ll be doing too. Click through our gallery of the best yoga pants we love. 

    Super chic.
    These are so great we’ll be wearing these outside the gym.
    Bored of the same black leggings? Try these instead. 
    Comfy, and they look incredible. 
    We’re kind of obsessed with these. 
    These had us at “velvet trimmed.”
    For when you’re serious about working out (after all those mince pies and mulled wine). 
    You’ll feel pretty fabulous in these, thanks to the added stars. 
    Try something different with these yoga pants. 
    These are the A-list’s go-to leggings.  Next up, the biggest A/W 17 fashion trends you need to know about. 

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