12 Universally Feared Fashion Trends That Are Back

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    Style is, of course, cyclical, but many of this year’s most talked-about trends are things we thought would forever remain in fashion’s Room 101. Items that have the power to make almost anyone shudder—kitten heels, rose-coloured glasses, skirts over dresses and stirrup leggings—have returned. Thankfully, however, they have had enough of a makeover to no longer be the pieces you should totally disregard or fear. By the end of this gallery, you might even be tempted to wear kitten heels with a pair of stirrup trousersScroll through the gallery below to see 11 of the worst fashion trends.

    Anyone who watched The OC will know that shell necklaces were an ’00s essential, and the surfer necklace appeared in all good teen movies such as Bring It On and the Olsen twins’ straight-to-VHS films. And Miuccia Prada is bringing them back. 
    Now: On the Prada A/W 18 men’s catwalk show.
    Then: Sarah Jessica Parker in 2014. Jorts—basically denim pedal pusher–style jeans that fall just above the knee—are an unforgiving cut, but Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian West are determined to bring this controversial item back. Something tells us it might take a while for this to catch on when everyone’s still so attached to their cutoffs…
    Now: Gigi Hadid wearing her jorts in New York in April 2017.
    Then: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in matching denim-on-denim at the 2001 VMAs. You might assume that the denim bustier top or dress would stay firmly with Britney Spears in 2001, let alone appear on the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week. But Dior has brought this tricky look back, and Bella Hadid (a fan of all things ’00s) has been totally behind the revival, wearing Dior’s denim bustier and the midi dress with a bustier top.
    Now: Bella Hadid wearing Dior’s denim bustier in London in April 2017.
    Then: Katie Holmes wearing stirrup leggings in 2008. While you might think stirrup leggings and tights should remain in the ’80s, they have become a street style staple, thanks to Balenciaga, Fendi and many more catwalk leaders. The trick to wearing the look now is looping your stirrups over your shoes and opting for super-thick leggings or trousers, rather than the semi-opaque tights Katie Holmes chose in 2008 and tucked into her court shoes.
    Now: Tamu McPherson wearing stirrup leggings to fashion week in January 2017.
    Then: Britney Spears in a Juicy Couture tracksuit in 2003. Tracksuits were the unofficial uniform for the socialite set in the mid-noughties, with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and more living in their Juicy Couture velours. Not only is Juicy Couture back in fashion’s good books, but trackies are once again the key look for the Hollywood set, as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid even wear theirs to fashion parties with heels.
    Now: Gigi Hadid wearing an Olivia von Halle cashmere tracksuit in 2016.
    Then: Carmen Electra in pink sunglasses in 2001. Rose-tinted glasses were huge in the early ’00s, worn by the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and commonly seen on the red carpet. But instead of rectangular, small or frameless lenses, the styles Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez are wearing now are far less overwhelming. If you’re tempted to try the trend, we’ve put together an edit of the best around.
    Now: Selena Gomez wearing rose-coloured sunglasses in 2016.
    Then: Charlize Theron wearing strappy kitten heels to the premiere of Monster in 2004. When Vogue declared earlier this year that kitten heels were back, it sparked an outcry (seriously) on social media, with one of our own readers even claiming she would rather have a toenail infection than wear a pair. Thanks to Dior, The Row and many more reputable names, kitten heels are back (particularly in slingback form), and they are fashion editors’ shoe style of the year.
    Now: Natasha Goldenberg wearing kitten heels at fashion week in 2017.
    Then: Britney Spears wearing a wrap skirt over jeans in 2002. Skirts over jeans might give you flashbacks to the wrap-skirt-trouser hybrids many of us owned from Tammy Girl in the ’90s, but at the most recent London Fashion Week, every other person was wearing a dress over jeans. Honestly!
    Now: Lisa Aiken wearing a Balenciaga dress over jeans at London Fashion Week in February 2017.
    Then: Melanie C, aka Sporty Spice, performing with the Spice Girls in 1996. Practical “ugly” trainers that reigned in the ’90s (think Sporty Spice) are making an unlikely comeback. Gigi Hadid has been wearing clompy Reeboks—the type of trainers we wore to P.E. classes—on repeat outside of the gym.
    Now: Gigi Hadid wearing her clompy Reebok Classics in April 2017.
    Then: Destiny’s Child at the 2001 VMAs. While you will probably look at Destiny’s Child’s coordinated orange suede looks from the 2001 VMAs and think nothing about these outfits should ever come back… until you notice what’s on their feet. Their sky blue and mirrored silver pointed boots are just like the Balenciaga (or Topshop) boots worn by every other street style star this year. 
    Now: Avenue 32’s Roberta Benteler in white pointed Balenciaga boots. For more trend updates, see our guide to the eight sandals you’ll see everywhere this year. Opening Image: Rex Features

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