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Hurricane Harvey – not a global warming event

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane not unlike every other category 4 hurricane except for one thing. It stalled over Houston and that’s what brought the record rain. So it wasn’t, as climate alarmist would have you believe, global warming. If it stalled ove open water Houston would still have been flooded – but it would have been normal flooding. And one can not claim where it stalled was a result of climate change.

Also – Harvey is God punishing Houston for gay sex. If that were true it would have hit Austin, or Washington DC.

Researcher To Study The Effect of LSD Microdosing On Cognitive Function

Micro-dosing is nothing new, especially to artists and those who are familiar with the term bio-hacking or have a general inclination towards tech. However, currently there hasn’t been any conclusive research conducted to prove the efficacy in the realm of cognitive enhancement and productivity. Many have also claimed that micro-dosing has helped to alleviate their […]