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Can Baby Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer? 3 Natural Alternatives If You Don’t Want To Use It Anymore

Do you use baby powder? Have you thought twice about its safety? For years, without knowing, and blindly trusting, many of us apply harmful chemicals to our delicate parts, such as our bottoms, feet, armpits, and groin — anywhere that is moist and emits odour. Unfortunately, the talc in baby powder destroys our delicate skin and microbial community […]

“Butting It Bluntly, They Are Damaging The Living Cells In Our Body” – Dr. Martin Blank, Columbia University

According to the World Health Organization (WHO): As societies industrialize and the technological revolution continues, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number and diversity of electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. These sources include video display units (VDUs) associated with computers, mobile phones and their base stations. While these devices have made our life richer, safer […]

Hillary Clinton – What (Really) Happened

Hillary’s book is out and I haven’t read it but most everything that when wrong started with email or things that were exposed because of email. Clearly if the Dems hope to win an election they need to run a candidate smart enough to use email correctly.

So – writing this as an email security expert Hillary running state department emails through her personal server was criminal, was a felony, and was extremely dangerous to our national security. And to this day – she doesn’t get it. Yes – she says that what she did was wrong – but she has no concept of how wrong it was. How much damage did it do? Trump is president.

Sometimes I try to picture myself being the IT guy at the state department screaming at her that “No Hillary! You can’t do that!” I’m sure I would have been fired. But in the Obama administration higher ups never got prosecuted.

And because her personal email and state department emails were mixed together a lot of her state department emails ended up in the wrong places. Republicans investigating her would have had then if she just went by the rules and used the secure email system provided to her.

The second email problem was her Chief of Staff got hacked. How did that happen? He was tricked into giving up his password by a phishing email that was supposedly cleared by IT staff. And his password was = Passw0rd. Wow – no hacker is going to crack that.

Then, the third email problem, the DNC was supposedly hacked by Russians except that the forensic evidence points to the “hacker” having physical access to the server and copying the emails off on a thumb drive. But we will never know for sure because the DNC has refused help from the FBI and they are blaming the Russians as a diversion from something.

And finally – the last straw. Hillary’s classified emails were on her assistant’s Huma Abedin’s laptop. Not only should it have not been there – but she shares that laptop with her husband – Anthony Wiener – who was caught sexting a 15 year old girl, and the FBI found the emails and reopened the investigation.

Most of the other scandals were things revealed in leaked email. Rigging the primaries, cheating by getting Donna Brazil to steal debate questions.

The bottom line is that Hillary is cluelessly arrogant and doesn’t understand that she isn’t above the law. Email security has a purpose and consequences if you don’t follow the rules. In Hillary’s mind – cheating is OK. She doesn’t get it that Bill Clinton meeting with the AG the day before they dropped charges against her was at best stupid and at worse obstruction of justice. And – how lame do you have to be to lose to Donald Trump?

But – Hillary has to make a buck off of it and that’s what she’s doing.