Stolen sympathy: How to rob a laptop and get hailed as ‘generous’

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A petty criminal who stole a student’s laptop has dared to write an apology email to his victim, explaining that he “needed the money.” But rather than condemning him, Twitter users were touched and cheered the thief’s actions.

Steve Valentine from Birmingham probably didn’t foresee 40,000 likes in 12 hours after he posted an email “received by his flatmate” who had his laptop stolen. In a sentimental message the thief explained his urge to steal – he was “extremely poor” and “needed the money.” He apparently wanted to show that he didn’t “reach the bottom” however, as he didn’t take the student’s wallet and phone.

The thief even offered his victim a bonus – he may send all files related to university work stored on the laptop. “Let him know” and he will send them.

For people on Twitter the thief’s message was enough to atone for the original crime. Moreover, some of them even cheered the offender.

Some were having fun and created a bunch of tongue-in-cheek comments.

A few sympathized with the victim.

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