The two Swedish mums who want people to give up flying for a year

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Two Swedish mums have persuaded 10,000 people to commit to not taking any flights in 2019.

Their social media initiative, No-fly 2019 (Flygfritt 2019), is aiming for 100,000 pledges, and has been asking participants to post their reasons for signing up.

Maja Rosen and her neighbour Lotta Hammar say they started the campaign to show politicians what needs to be done to halt climate change.

Direct emissions from aviation account for about three percent of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions, according to the European Commission. And, it says, if global aviation was a country, it would rank in the top 10 emitters.

Would you pledge not to fly for a year?

Two climate-conscious Swedish mums have launched a campaign urging people not to fly in 2019.

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