Yellow Vest movement blowback to financial crisis that never ended – RT’s Keiser Report

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Current events happening in France or the so-called #GiletsJaunes movement is a blowback of the financial crisis of 2008, say Max and Stacy from RT’s Keiser Report.

“We sit on the brink of more revolution, maybe perhaps a French Spring or French Winter. This is ten years after the financial collapse whereby all of our governments, particularly the Western world and the central banks, came together and determined that there was no cost that they would not bear, just bail out the bankers,” says Stacy.

She explains that “finally after ten years, all the ordinary people, the bottom 99 percent, who did not benefit from the money printing, are onto their rulers, and they are angry.”

Max points out that the financial crisis never ended, it was just kicked on the road, and now it’s been blowing out to the global interaction against banker occupation. The Yellow Vest movement will go global, he says, adding: “we’ll see it all over the world; this is the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ times of thousand.”

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He also notes that French President Emmanuel Macron is a banker, who was “put in there by the banking establishment to allow the interest rate apartheid.” According to Max, we live in the world of “artificially low rates for them and higher rates for us. And now its #GiletsJaunes! It’s game on!”

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