Schumer says ‘enough with the memes’ in attack on Trump, gets bombarded by sea of memes

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US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer inadvertently activated the meme-generating powers of President Donald Trump’s supporters after criticizing his handling of the government shutdown on Twitter.

“Enough with the memes. Just quit hurting innocent people and re-open the government,” Schumer tweeted on Saturday in response to a ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired meme that Trump had tweeted earlier to champion his border security fence project.

Trump tweeted a photo showing a barrier of steel slats below an image of his frowning face. The photo was captioned “The Wall is Coming,” channeling the famous “Winter is Coming” motto from the popular HBO series.

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It was not the first time that Trump altered the Stark House slogan to bolster his agenda. Back when he reintroduced sanctions against Iran in November, the president tweeted a photo with “Sanctions are Coming. November 5” transposed over his image.

The president’s clumsy meme-making was entirely lost on Schumer, who chided Trump for indulging in picture-editing instead of working to reopen the government, now in its third week of shutdown.

The Twittersphere’s response was instantaneous: Schumer’s comments were flooded with dozens of memes.

Trump’s rally slogan “Build the wall” was a recurring theme – considering that Democrats could end the shutdown by agreeing to fund Trump’s pet project.

The unproven ‘Russia collusion’ allegations were also brought up.

The anti-Trump resistance crowd entered the meme battle with a few sorties of their own, dragging the Mueller investigation, the “blue wave,” and impeachment calls into the snowballing thread.

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