Anthony Davis: Lakers and Celtics trade target could copy Kevin Durant decision – expert

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That’s the verdict of Jalen Rose.

Davis’ future is one of the hottest topics in the NBA with the 25-year-old the subject of trade interest from the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

There is growing belief Davis will reject a supermax contract worth around $240million across five years with the New Orleans Pelicans in July.

He will not be able to get the same money if he leaves the Pelicans but New Orleans have a poor 19-22 record and their championship prospects appear slim between now and the summer of 2020, when Davis has a player option to become a free agent.

Speaking about his future, he recently dropped a hint that he will look to force a move from the Pelicans in the offseason when suggesting money is not his main priority.

“I’d take legacy over money,” Davis told Yahoo Sports. “I want to have a legacy. All my people that look up to me, the younger kids, I want them to know about AD’s legacy. 

“Championships, the things I do in the community, being a good teammate, playing hard. All that stuff matters the most to me. 

“Don’t get me wrong, money is amazing. But I think in that sense, money or legacy, I think my legacy will win that battle every time.”

And he reiterated those comments this week when asked to clarify them, stating: “I never said money wasn’t important. Somebody asked me about money or your legacy. In that case, your legacy lasts forever. 

“Your money comes and goes, but for me I want to build a legacy. In that case, if you have to choose between money or legacy, I think legacy wins every time, in my opinion.”

And Rose thinks Davis could copy Golden State Warriors superstar Durant – whose future is also up in the air given he has an option to opt out of his deal this summer – by only taking a short-term contract with his next franchise.

Asked if the five-time All-Star’s recent comments gave greater credence to the belief Davis will not be in New Orleans next season, Rose said on ESPN: “It’s not necessarily more reason but I think this has to start being covered differently among the media, based on underestimating how much money players make these days – it’s astronomical. 

“Of course that final year with your birth rights can be $40-50million hair cut but you can go and Kevin Durant as well, play one or two years under whatever deal that you want, still get top dollar and then cash out later. 

“Anthony Davis is still so very young. He has all of the leverage. 

“He’s going to be able to get both, get the money and influence his legacy! 

“That is why free agency, as he is now exercising with pre-agency – where you change agents and jockey to see what is possibly going to happen based on a team that hasn’t met expectations so far this year.”

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