NFL news: Tom Brady slammed by pundit after Patriots – Chargers comments

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The New England Patriots take on the Chargers on Sunday in the NFL divisional round.

It will be Brady’s 38th play-off game of his career, as the 41-year-old goes after his sixth Super Bowl ring.

The Chargers defeated the Baltimore Ravens 23-17 on Sunday in the NFL Wild Card round of the Play-Offs.

Brady admitted that after he watched the game, he then stayed up all night watching tape on the Chargers.

At 41, Brady is close to retiring, and some have even predicted that he will call it a day if the Patriots win the Super Bowl again this year.

But those comments didn’t go down well with everyone, as Sharpe attacked the star for trying to make the game all about himself.

“Now all of a sudden this is the most important week for Tom Brady?” Sharpe said on the Fox Sports Undisputed show.

“It’s not important for Drew Brees or Patrick Mahomes?

“So now, only Tom Brady is this week important for? Oh, he’s studying film. If you don’t mind me asking, what was Drew Brees doing?

“Tom Brady wants us to believe he’s the only one that studies film.

“You think he watch more film than Peyton Manning? But Peyton Manning wasn’t out there telling you he watches film or stayed up all night studying.”

Sharpe then went on to explain that the route to the Super Bowl is huge for everyone, despite how many rings Brady has.

“Of course it’s the playoffs, it’s a one-game season,” he continued.

“It’s the biggest game of the year for everybody. Sorry, Tom. Newsflash: not just you.

“You’re not the only one in the playoffs. You’re not the only one who this game matters too. You’re not the only one studying.”

The winner of Sunday’s game will go on to play in the Conference championship game on Sunday January 20.

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