Snack attack: Enormous sea lion surveys food truck for handy meal in Kamchatka (VIDEO)

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A sneaky sea lion was spotted brazenly surveying the contents of a truck outside what seems to be a fish processing plant in Kamchatka, Russia in an apparent attempt to steal a snack.

The hilarious footage was captured in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, on the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia and uploaded to Facebook on Monday by Lina Vasilyeva. “Kamchatka sea lions are not the most lazy,” Vasilyeva wrote.

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Amused bystanders captured footage of the scoundrel and his sea lion buddy as he contemplated stealing a mid-morning snack from a truck parked close to the water.

The animals obviously to have a coordinated plan to pull of the heist, as the seemingly more chilled out of the pair appears to be keeping watch while his oversized pal stands to an impressive height to reach the forbidden food.

At one point a dog attempts to foil the duo’s plan by barking at the lounging sea lion, before thinking better of the challenge and giving up.

The footage has been view more than 7,000 times by delighted Facebook users.

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