Kevin Durant: Warriors star tipped to snub Lakers, Clippers and Knicks for surprise move

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That’s the suggestion of NBA expert Stephen A. Smith.

The Golden State Warriors superstar can opt out of the final year of his contract in the Bay Area and has potential suitors across the league as the reigning two-time Finals MVP.

The 30-year-old forward can re-sign with the Warriors for more money than anywhere else but has previous of leaving a team in search of glory despite the financial lure of staying put.

Durant, however, has been tipped to depart the Warriors and seek success elsewhere with his two years of title triumphs at Golden State having been scrutinised having joined an already-star-studded roster.

Having suggested he is not keen on linking up with LeBron James at the Lakers, Durant has been widely tipped to join the Knicks and revive a franchise that has not won a championship since 1973.

Yet in response to such rumours the nine-time All-Star, Durant said: “I have no clue where that stuff comes from. I just focus on playing ball every day. I can’t control what people say about me or what they say about my future or what I should do.”

And both the Clippers and the Nets have the cap space to sign two max contract players in the offseason, greatly increasing their chances of success in the competitive Western Conference.

And with both the Clippers and the Nets on the rise, Smith told the Stephen A. Smith Show on ESPN: “Durant, he’s a superstar and one of the top three or four players in the world. Him being in New York with [Kristaps] Porzingis would be something special if that were to happen. 

“But everybody’s talking about the Knicks, we might be doing an injustice to the Brooklyn Nets. 

“They’re the better team in New York, they look like they have a brighter future when you consider the cap space could bring you two max players when the Knicks have only enough for one. 

“You consider the young dudes they already have on their squad, Dinwiddie and the crew and how they’ve been balling. 

“You better respect the Nets, we have denied them credit long enough. 

“If I’m a player out there and I have an opportunity to choose the Knicks over the Nets, the only thing you’re selling me is midtown traffic and the brand that is the Knicks! 

“You’re not selling me basketball, the Nets look better than the Knicks. They look better now and their future looks better. 

“It ain’t a foregone conclusion that the Knicks will get anybody but I promise you the Nets will end up with somebody because if you’re doing what you’re doing now with cap space for two max players, even if you don’t get them, who’s to say you can’t upgrade in a myriad of ways with that amount of money available to you. 

“We have two of the biggest brands in all of sports in the Knicks and the Lakers and the Nets and the Clippers have just as good of a shot as anybody at getting marquee talent.”

Durant is in his third season with the Warriors and will hope to help lead Steve Kerr’s team to their third successive title. They are currently No 2 in the West with a 27-14 record.

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