Russian grand master Karjakin eyes rematch with world chess champ Carlsen

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Russian chess grand master Sergey Karjakin intends to set up a rematch with Norwegian star Magnus Carlsen, who beat him at the 2016 World Chess Championship.

Carlsen, who has remained unbeaten since 2013, successfully retained his world crown in November by defeating tenacious US rival Fabiano Caruana in tiebreakers after a record-breaking 12 draws.

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Karjakin failed to qualify for the 2018 World Chess Championship, but said he is determined to inflict defeat on the seemingly invincible Norwegian chess legend.

Undoubtedly, I would like to beat Carlsen,” Karjakin said, TASS reported.

I will do everything possible to reach this goal. Last year I was close to being selected for the World Chess Championship, but failed to do that.

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Honestly, the selection process for the championship is really tough. It would be a great success if I manage to qualify, but of course I’m dreaming about winning the title.”

The 28-year-old Russian grand master visited Ekaterinburg this week, where he played a simultaneous exhibition game against 12 opponents.

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In November, Karjakin took part in the unusual chess tournament “Stars against robot” at the World Chess Club Moscow, commenting on matches involving Russian celebrities who tried to win a brain battle against digital intellect.

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