Why Liverpool have major advantage over Man City and Spurs TODAY – Strachan

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Liverpool, who are four points clear at the summit, travel to Brighton at 3pm today before Tottenham play Manchester United on Sunday.

Second-placed Manchester City have to wait until Monday for their clash against Wolves – by which point they could be back seven points adrift.

Strachan knows exactly what it takes to win league titles having won three in a row while boss of Celtic.

And he says that playing after your title rivals can also be a problem for those who player later.

“I was fortunate – or unfortunate enough – to be in that position with Celtic and Rangers,” he told Sky Sports’ The Debate.

“We never played at the same time because of the TV schedule. One played earlier, one played later, one played on the Saturday, one played on the Sunday.

“I always preferred to be the team playing first rather than the team waiting for the result.

“I wanted to be that team to play first. It’s amazing but I remember drawing at Dundee and thinking ‘that’s them going to win’.

“Then they got beat at home by Inverness, or draw with Inverness, and I remember thinking ‘how did that come about?’

“I still prefer to be the team to play first and put the pressure on.

“It’s like golf. If you play your shot into the green, Jack Nicklaus always wanted to put his ball on to the green and say ‘on you go’.

“I always felt like that as a manager.”

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