Assange defense team slams Louise Mensch for authoring ‘conspiracies’ against Wikileaks founder

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Jullian Assange’s legal defense team tweeted a reminder of where the dubious accusations against him originated, pointing the finger at Russiagate conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch.

Monday’s tweet from the team defending Julian Assange slammed former UK conservative MP turned conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch. The attached article is apparently aimed to remind followers of what exactly the Wikileaks legal team thinks of the woman, who’s been smearing Assange for years.

The article is an Evening Standard story from 2012 which details Mensch’s admission that she had taken “class A” drugs in her 20s while working in the music industry which “messed with [her] head.” The defense campaign has previously fact-checked Mensch’s “insane” claims against Assange, many of which were shown to be patently false.

Aside from regularly engaging in openly Russophobic stereotypes, Mensch has also been making a steady stream of accusations against figures and movements for having “Kremlin connections” for nearly a decade. Aside from Assange and Trump, Mensch has also claimed that movements as diverse as the Bernie Sanders campaign, #MeToo and Black Lives Matter are all Russian assets or plots.

Last month, Mensch made the accusation that Edward Snowden had released his secret US military documents “under Putin’s direct orders,” unceremoniously tweeting about the possibility of his being executed… and this is not the first time she has talked about the death penalty for figures she believes to be involved in collusion with Russia.

Wikileaks responded to the accusations against Snowden with threats of potential legal action for her “serial fabrications.”

In Assange’s case, Mensch’s accusations often move between the conspiratorial and the strangely personal. Responding to Wikileaks message to the media last week reminding them to avoid certain inflammatory and unproven accusations, Mensch published a series of tweets intended to directly defy the request and personally insult Assange.

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