Rangers and Celtic embroiled in FAVOURITISM saga as former referee reveals who he supports

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Former referee Steve Conroy retired in 2012 after more than 13 years mediating games in Scottish professional football.

In an ground-breaking interview with BBC Sportsound, Conroy not only announced that he has always supported Celtic, but claimed that more referees are Rangers fans than those that follow their Glaswegian rivals.

“Celtic, always have done,” Conroy said when asked who he supports.

The 52-year-old also spoke about why he, and his former colleagues got into refereeing.

He said: ”We are all into refereeing because we like football.

“And in this part of the world most are going to support Celtic or Rangers.

“Why open yourself up to other possible criticisms – corruption, conspiracy theories – just by saying what team you support.

“I certainly never minded telling people who I support. It’s out there so nobody can say anything afterwards.”

Not only was Conroy open about his allegiance to the reigning Scottish Premiership champions, he revealed, when asked, that more referees support the Gers.

“Yes,” Conroy said when asked if more support Rangers.

“Are there more Rangers fans than Celtic fans? I don’t know.

“Certainly I was openly a Celtic supporter. I’m not sure anyone else at my level was openly a Celtic supporter aswell.”

Despite knowing of several Rangers-supporting referees, Conroy had this to say when asked if he knew of any Celtic fans in the job: “I can’t think of any.”

“We are straying into corruption and conspiracies. There could be all sorts of reasons [why more support Rangers]. It doesn’t worry me.”

Although several of Conroy’s former colleagues supported clubs, he was adamant that it had no effect on decisions made on the pitch.

“On the park, absolutely not,” he said.

“I’m utterly convinced. Someone asked me previously if I had ever encountered cheating openly in refs. No was the honest answer.

“Things happen far too quickly and are far too unpredictable.”

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