NBA news: Warriors star Kevin Durant in scathing attack on media over free agency talk

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The Golden State Warriors defeated the San Antonio Spurs 141-102 to continue their dominance at the top of the Western Conference.

After the game, Durant spoke to the media for the first time in over a week, as speculation continues to ramp up over where he will play next year.

The all-star has been linked with a move away from Golden State at the end of this season.

Durant can enter into free agency if he opts out of the final year of his contract.

He has been heavily tipped to join the New York Knicks, after the franchise traded Kristaps Porzingis to create cap space for a max salary contract this summer.

And since the Knicks made that trade, Durant had not spoken publicly at all, with head coach Steve Kerr insisting that the issue would not spill over onto the court.

But after the Spurs win, Durant appeared for his post-game press conference and vented his frustration at the media and the Knicks reports.

Here’s everything Durant said.

Kevin Durant FULL post-game press conference

Q: We have noticed you haven’t talked in a while? Is it anything to do with something on your mind?

A: “Why do you care?”

“I ain’t feel like talking the last couple of days.”

Is it something to do with the conversation about your free agency?

“That’s the conversation you wanna have,” he replied.

“I don’t think about that type of stuff, that’s your job.”

Q: You have been around the noise for so long. Is it bothering you or is it louder this year?

A: “It’s unnecessary.

“You got a dude coming in here, Ethan Strauss, coming in here giving his opinion on stuff, acting like it’s coming from me.

“And he’s just walking around, I ain’t talked to nobody, he just walks in here, writes something about me, now you’re piling on me ‘cos I don’t wanna talk to y’all about that.

“I have nothing to do with the Knicks, I don’t know who traded Porzingis, it’s got nothing to do with me, I’m trying to play basketball.

“Y’all come in here every day asking about free agency, asking me, asking my team-mates, riling up the fans.

“Let us play basketball, that’s all I ask.

“Then when I don’t wanna talk to y’all it’s a problem with me.

“Come on, man, grow up. Grow up.

“Yeah, you (points at reporter), grow up.

“I come in here and go to work every day, I don’t cause no problems.

“I play the right way, I try and play the right way, I try and be the best player I can be.

“What’s the problem? What am I doing to y’all?”

Q: You weren’t talking to the media?

A: “So? Who are you? Why do I gotta talk to you? Is that going to help me do my job better?” he answered.

“I don’t feel like talking.

“I don’t trust none of y’all. Every time I say something it gets twisted up and thrown out in so many publications try to tear me down with my words that i say. So when I don’t say nothing, it’s a problem?

“I just want to play ball. I want to go to the gym and go home. That’s all. Is that a problem? Alright then.”

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