Mick Schumacher: Nicolas Todt verdict on joining Ferrari – involves Michael Schumacher

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That is the verdict of F1 agent Nicolas Todt, who wants to help Schumacher realise his dream of racing at motorsport’s elite level.

Mick Schumacher bolstered his burgeoning reputation last year by winning the F3 title with Prema Powerteam.

And that success saw him promoted to F3, as well as being snapped up by the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Schumacher has been touted as an F1 star of the future, with his father having excelled in the sport.

Michael Schumacher won a record 91 races and seven World Drivers’ Championships during his two stints in F1.

Schumacher Sr’s glorious stints with Benetton and Ferrari mean he is a household name across the planet.

Todd would love to see Schumacher take the path his father did by driving for Ferrari in F1.

But he says the 19-year-old cannot let his progress depend on having his name recognised.

“Ask in any corner of the world if they know who Schumacher is and they will be able to answer,” Todt told Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

“If you then match that name with the word Ferrari… something absolutely special.

“Mick in F1 would be extraordinary not only for his family, but for sport, for Ferrari, for the fans.

“A story that begins again: fantastic for everyone. Mick is a nice, polite, nice guy.

“Credit of his family, Michael and Corinna. So many people orientate towards him the affection he feels for Michael.

“This amplifies expectations but the name does not make it fast and he will have to build his future.”

Todt, son of FIA chief Jean Todt, has played a role in the careers of plenty of F1 drivers.

And he is eager to help out Schumacher some more having paved the way for his current deal with Ferrari.

“After Leclerc, Kyvat, Massa, Lopez, Calado, Colett and Mini I will most likely play a role with Mick too,” Todt said.

“Today I’m his friend and let’s say I had some involvement in his entry to the [Ferrari Driver Academy].”

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