‘Maduro must go!’ US targets only corrupt officials to save Venezuelans, Guaido tells RT

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Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim leader has told RT that the ‘corrupt regime’ there is solely to blame for its dire humanitarian situation, and promised that democracy will be embraced, with free elections, once Maduro is gone.

“It is not true that there is an economic blockade. There are sanctions against corrupt officials and thieves,” Guaido told RT Spanish in an exclusive interview, dismissing any notion that US sanctions and years of economic and political pressure on Caracas might have contributed to the deteriorating socio-economic situation in Venezuela.

We have to take care of the humanitarian situation, that is why we are gathering aid, in order to mitigate the disaster created by Maduro 

“It has absolutely nothing to do with the blockade, it has to do with the fact that the money was stolen!” the opposition parliament speaker passionately reiterated. “They robbed Russia, they robbed the people of Venezuela, and now we are starving.”

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Maduro and his “corrupt regime” has been backed into a corner and will soon crumble, with or without outside help, because 90 percent of the population are fed up and want change – and the army will soon too side with Venezuelan people, Guaido claimed.

Somewhat dodging the question about when the ‘free and fair’ elections – so craved by some foreign states and others who believe Nicolas Maduro ‘usurped’ power amid the oppositions’ boycott of last year’s polls – might take place, Guaido refused to name any specific dates.

“We are going to call truly free elections in Venezuela once the usurpation ceases, and we can build the mechanisms to have a truly free election,” Guaido has repeatedly vowed, stating that he believes Maduro has no real choice but to eventually surrender.

When we have 60 countries [supporting the opposition], mass demonstrations, when the humanitarian aid is about to pour in, when we see that Maduro is losing support… one understands that Maduro is being increasingly isolated and cut off from any financing

Previously, Guaido, who proclaimed himself ‘interim president’ of Venezuela in January and got the immediate blessing of the United States and its allies in Europe and across Latin America, did not rule out that he might have to make a “controversial” decision to authorize a “humanitarian” intervention. The Trump administration also said all options remain on the table to rid Venezuelans of the “oppressive dictator” Maduro.

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