Surf, turf and… lava: Trump and Kim’s mouth-watering Hanoi menu revealed (PHOTOS)

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The Hanoi peace summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has proved a tense, and somewhat awkward, affair and even the first dinner between the two has generated controversy.

Following Kim Jong-Un’s rather awkward arrival in Hanoi, in which his armored train overshot the platform and his interpreter was forced to sprint to catch up, many thought the kinks would be ironed out ahead of one of the most eagerly anticipated peace summits in recent memory.

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Alas, this was wishful thinking, as the US press corps was soon unceremoniously booted from its hotel which just so happened to be where the North Korean leader was also staying. Next, there were the reported back-and-forth negotiations over the dinner menu for the two world leaders, which the White House was apparently extremely keen to keep “super simple” and avoid any opulence.

Finally, the pair sat down for what appeared to be a rather straightforward surf’n’turf menu, with refreshing shrimp cocktail to start, followed by succulent sirloin steak accompanied by a mouth-watering pear kimchi (a fermented cabbage popular on the Korean peninsula).

For dessert, a decadent ‘chocolate lava’ cake with chocolate crumble, berries and vanilla ice cream chased down with a dried persimmon punch, which is often used as a remedy for heartburn (probably best after consuming lava, chocolate or otherwise).

From the international press, only the Wall Street Journal’s Vivian Salama was allowed to attend the dinner, while North Korean media had relatively unimpeded access, according to disappointed US reporters.

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