Mon. May 20th, 2019

Uber reveals the strange things people leave behind

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A fake skull, a cat, dentures and a poster of Bros are among items that have been left behind in Uber taxis, the company has revealed.

The ride-hailing app revealed that London, Belfast and Bristol are the most forgetful cities when it comes to people leaving behind their belongings.

Uber says the UK is the fourth most forgetful country in Europe, behind Ireland, the Netherlands and France.

Items left behind include:

  • A travel potty
  • A painting of the Last Supper
  • A cat
  • A script for Legally Blonde the Musical
  • A Masonic apron
  • A smoke machine
  • A panini maker
  • Vegan sausage rolls
  • An electric scooter
  • A SNES games console
  • A poster of the boy-band Bros
  • A GCSE art project
  • A fake skull
  • Dentures
  • 45 pieces of fried chicken
A poster of Bros was one of the items to be abandoned in the back of a car
Image: A poster of Bros was one of the items abandoned in the back of a car

It is not just physical items that go missing – Uber said some customers had logged reports to say they had lost their “dignity” and “pride” in the back of the cars.

The company used data from its lost and found index, which tracks items that have been returned to passengers.

The most commonly lost items are phones, wallets, bags and keys.

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