Comic Relief: School shuns red nose plastic because of pollution fears

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School children in Cornwall say they’re not buying plastic noses for Comic Relief because it’s better for the environment if they make their own.

Pupils at Fourlanesend Community Primary School used items such as egg boxes and wool to make more sustainable and more recyclable noses, while still donating the cost of a plastic nose – £1.25 – to the charity.

Sir David Attenborough has written to the school praising them for the way they’re looking for alternatives to plastic.

A spokesperson for Comic Relief said “the pupils of Fourlanesend Community Primary School clearly care a great deal about the planet and we’re sorry to hear the concerns they have.”

“We have removed and reduced plastics from a range of merchandise to date.”

Video Journalist: Laura Foster

School shuns red noses over plastic pollution

Sir David Attenborough has written to the children saying he supports what they’re doing.

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