Mon. May 20th, 2019

Record-breaking Facebook & Instagram outage sparks Twitter meme frenzy

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Netizens from all parts of the world have taken to Twitter to complain about their inability to log into Instagram or Facebook, as both social networks have been down with an unknown technical glitch for more than ten hours.

In what is believed to be the longest outage ever suffered by Facebook and Instagram, which is also owned by the social media giant, users either have been unable to access the platforms, or use certain essential functions such as leaving comments or uploading photos.

According to the Down Detector, Facebook has been plagued by some unknown problems since 12.01 PM Wednesday (ET). While Facebook acknowledged on Twitter that it was aware of the issue and was scrambling to resolve it “as soon as possible,” full access to the platform has not been restored even after ten hours of work.

“I can’t comment, even on my own thread, or post. I’m getting no new notifications after 20hrs. In North West Montana,” a frustrated FB user wrote.

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“Is facebook game over? Down for 8 hours already. What is the stock price of facebook today? XD” another quipped.

“I’ve logged in IG but all my stories and pics are gone :(“ a user wrote on the Down Detector.

The outages have impacted different parts of the world, from the US, parts of Latin America, the Philippines to the UK, India, Canada, Turkey and others.

While the outage has left many netizens unnerved to the point of almost converting to Snapchat, chaos and panic caused by the Instagram and Facebook withdrawal saw Twitter, the last social media bastion standing, awash with memes.

With both Facebook and Instagram unresponsive, fully or partially, Twitter has emerged as the only winner from the hellscape that is modern life without social media access.

Avid Instagram and Facebook followers looking to slake the deprivation served to bump up Twitter user numbers.

Jokes aside, the outage apparently had trigged some real withdrawal symptoms in social media addicts frantically refreshing their pages.

Some pointed to the ironic coincidence: the woes that befell Facebook and Instagram mark exactly 30 years since the Internet was created. 

Others used the outage as a case against monopolies, of which Facebook is a prime example.


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