‘I packed my bags and ran away’: MMA star says he defied army orders to compete at UFC London

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Welsh UFC star Jack Marshman, who also serves in the paratrooper regiment of the British Army, says that he was told by his superiors that he was not allowed to compete on Saturday’s UFC London card – but he did so anyway.

Marshman defeated fellow Welshman John Phillips by split decision inside London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night but judging by his comments post-fight, he may be in for a different kind of fight on Monday morning.

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Speaking to the media after his victory Marshman, who has been a member of the armed forces since he was 17-years-old, said that he wasn’t given permission by his commanding officers to step into the Octagon on Saturday night.

I’ve literally got to work that out with the army,” Marshman said when questioned as to his dual status as a UFC fighter and paratrooper.

Legally, I’m contracted to the army and they told me I wasn’t fighting this weekend on Thursday, so I [packed] my bags and [ran] away.

I’ll work it out with the army, they’ll see what they want to do. You can’t be employed by two people at the same time, if you understand.”

And as for how he will work it out with his superiors, Marshman offered a simple response.

We’ll find that out on Monday, won’t we?”

Marshman’s win on Saturday improves his record to 23-8, snapping a two-fight losing streak in the process. 

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