LeBron James DRAMA: ‘I’m PISSED OFF’ – Lakers star prompts furious response following this

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It has been a disastrous season for James in his debut season with the Lakers as he is set to miss out on the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

Injury has played a huge part in the Lakers struggling this season, but they were still expected to make the postseason.

Their poor form has seen even more scrutiny levelled at the Lakers and in particular James.

And Frazier was the latest former NBA star to take a shot at the four-time MVP over his choice to sit on the end of the bench away from his team-mates during Sunday’s defeat to the New York Knicks.

But Damon Jones, who played alongside and coached James, was furious with the Knicks legend for his remarks.

“I’m really pissed off about it because the comments weren’t warranted,” he said on Jalen & Jacoby.

“Clyde Frazier has covered LeBron twice this year with this Lakers team so how does he know his relationship with his team-mates?

“He doesn’t know that what LeBron did yesterday, he’s done all year long and he’s done for the last four or five years with the pad.

“When the coach says, ‘you’re out’, he takes the pad, goes to the end of the bench and he does the same thing every time.

“LeBron James the last five years has led the minutes played so he knows his time on the bench is going to be short so he’s getting a headstart.

“I’m really upset about the unfair criticism from not only Clyde, but other people who have never played with him, never coached him, has never been his GM, about a lot of character things.

“‘He’s a coach-killer; he doesn’t relate well with his team-mates or this year has been a bad year with the things that he’s said’.

“Don’t get me wrong, LeBron sometimes does things that he shouldn’t do.

“But if you’re not one of those people that has been his team-mate, or his coach, or been the GM of the team that he was on, you don’t have any reason to say the things that you’re saying.

“Now, if you want to talk about how he’s shooting from the free-throw line and he’s 64 per cent if you want to critique that, no problem.

“But when you start taking personal attacks at him, I have a problem with that because I played with him, I coached him and the things that they’re saying are not true and I’m not going to sit here when I have the platform to say something about it and not address it.”

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