Why Pochettino will STAY at Tottenham even if Chelsea and Barcelona come calling

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If cannot achieve that, then with the excuse of not having a proper home finally removed for the first time in two years, it means he could leave the club with his head held high.

2019-20 is viewed as a huge season in which, with a packed new stadium roaring his side on, he can really prove he has found a way with limited resources to compete with the big boys.

Otherwise, he will prove that the Tottenham model – with its self-sustainability, strict wage structure, limited transfer budget, but state-of-the-art training facilities and stadium – ultimately does not work.

The re-appointment of Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid and success of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Manchester United seems to rule out a move this summer to the two clubs in hottest pursuit of the Argentine earlier this season.

Obviously, other managerial vacancies are likely to come up in the summer but there is so much water under the bridge at two of the prime candidates, Chelsea and Barcelona, that Pochettino will hardly be holding his breath for calls from either of those.

Not when you consider he tied his colours so long to the Espanyol mast and made so much of the rivalry with their west London neighbours ever since he arrived at Tottenham.

But while it may seem like door are closing all around, the Tottenham manager has only ever had eyes on those he has been waiting to open all the season.

The ones at the entrance to the new White Hart Lane.

Mauricio Pochettino still firmly believes he can make the new stadium an impregnable fortress from which to take on the elite teams of Europe.

The odds are against him – there is that new fortress to pay for, after all.

But he is a proud man burning with frustration – angry that he has been forced to compete without a proper ‘home’; indignant that people also expect him to win trophies as well as conduct a title race; disappointed that for all the giant strides he has taken, he has not managed to be quite as “magic” as the Tottenham fans sing.

He has given it his best shot and with all the infrastructure finally in place, if it does not work it is time for the serious talks to begin.

His current contract, signed in May, runs until 2023.

But since his arrival, his terms have been renegotiated every two years.

Any potential talks next summer could be very interesting indeed. Pochettino may be the hero who can write his own terms.

Or he could be getting itchy feet at a time when chairman Daniel Levy may not be averse to cashing in on a bit of compensation when those doors do begin to open again.

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