Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas issued crash warning ahead of Chinese Grand Prix

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The new F1 rule brought in this season has changed the way some teams think towards the end of the race.

Any driver who finishes in the top 10 will get a bonus point if they record the fastest lap.

Valtteri Bottas was the first to do so when he won the Australian Grand Prix.

The Finn was comfortably ahead of team-mate Lewis Hamilton and asked to pit with just a few laps remaining to get fresher tyres.

The request was turned down by Wolff and Bottas put his foot on the gas to secure the extra point anyway.

But that move comes with such a huge risk and the Mercedes chief wants to ensure his team do not make any mistakes.

“I am always sceptical about our guys putting in the fastest lap,” said Wolff.

“Because one day someone’s going to end up in the wall and throw away a lot of points.

“And I hope it’s not going to be a Mercedes.”

During the Bahrain Grand Prix last time out, Charles Leclerc picked up the bonus point after dominating for the majority of the race.

But towards the finish, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen found himself in loads of space and had time to pit.

Christian Horner considered bringing his man in to attack Leclerc’s record before the Ferrari youngster lost power and his position because untenable.

“If you look at it, you’ve got a free pit stop for a point,” he said.

“It would be worth a roll of the dice at that point.

“It opens up a new dynamic which is interesting.”

The Chinese Grand Prix gets underway at 7.10am (BST) on Sunday.

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