Arsenal transfer is the biggest mistake in Premier League history – Adrian Durham

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Arsenal boss Unai Emery and Adrian Durham

Arsenal letting Aaron Ramsey leave on a free is the Premier League’s biggest mistake, says Durham (Image: GETTY/TALKSPORT)

Ramsey will leave Arsenal at the end of the season upon the experts of his contract.

The Wales international will join Serie A giants Juventus on a free transfer.

Ramsey has not let that move affect his performances for Arsenal though, with a man of the match showing against Napoli in the Europa League on Thursday.

And Durham says that makes it even more bizarre the Gunners are allowing the 28-year-old to go.

There’s been a few mistakes made in the transfer market over the years, but is this the biggest one ever?

Adrian Durham on Arsenal letting Aaron Ramsey leave

Aaron Ramsey [against Napoli], brilliant again for Arsenal, and he is actually going on a free,” Durham said.

“Just let that sink in for a few seconds.

“There’s been a few mistakes made in the transfer market over the years, but is this the biggest one ever?

“Letting Aaron Ramsey, at the peak of his powers, playing the best football of his career probably, and being his most influential on the pitch for Arsenal, and they are letting him go on a free.

“The thing for me is, he’s always been a professional.

“This is a guy who suffered and came back from an horrific injury at Arsenal and there were problems with his form then, but I understand that.

“When you’ve had such a bad injury, such an awful leg break, to come back from that and be as you used to be can’t be easy, but he has got there.

“It might have taken him some time, a couple of seasons ago he was brilliant as well.

“So it’s not like he has been rubbish until January when the move was secured.

“So I’m wondering if this is the biggest mistake in the transfer market that has ever been made in Premier League history – I can’t think of another one this bad.

“Imagine what Ramsey, right now, would be worth. What is he, late 20s?”

Ramsey has often been criticised by Arsenal supporters during his time at the club.

But Durham says they have been wrong to get on the back of the midfielder.

He added: “He’s playing at his peak, it’s an incredible mistake and last night I think some Arsenal fans must have had a go at themselves for being nasty about Aaron Ramsey in the past, I think some have even said he won’t be missed.

“‘I’ll drive him to Turin myself’ and all this – are you absolutely sure?

“After the performances he has been putting in, after the years of services, the cup winners he has scored for Arsenal, are you really that happy to see Aaron Ramsey go on a free transfer.

“One of the biggest mistakes ever in Premier League history.”

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