LeBron James BLAMED for Lakers crisis as Luke Walton offered new NBA job

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Walton was unable to guide the Lakers into the playoffs, despite the signing of three-time NBA champion James.

And NBA expert Rob Parker believes the small forward’s camp set the wheels in motion for Walton’s departure.

“LeBron’s people have put it out there that he was not a fan of Luke Walton,” Parker told Fox Sports radio.

“If you’re going to hold onto LeBron for the next few years you can’t have a coach which he’s not feeling.

“She [Lakers owner Jeanie Buss] had no option but to make that happen.”

However, Sacramento Kings have moved quickly to contact the ex-Lakers boss to invite him in for an interview.

The Kings fired Dave Joerger and will speak to Ettore Messina and Walton over their vacant position.

Fellow NBA expert Chris Broussard does not think the 39-year-old will be out of work for long.

“Luke Walton was not the problem,” he said.

“I do think he will get another head coaching job. If not this season then in the near future.

“But that said, he had to go.

“LeBron James, the best player on the team, was not bought in.

“Whenever the best player on the team has not bought in the coach has to go.”

The Lakers are said to be interesting in appointing Ty Lue as their new head coach.

Lue worked with James at Cleveland Cavalie

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