Fairest of them all: Meet young painter crowned Russia’s new beauty queen (PHOTOS)

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Published time: 14 Apr, 2019 11:01

A 20-year-old amateur painter has won Russia’s national beauty pageant and will now represent the country in international competitions. Alina Sanko was just crowned Russia’s most beautiful woman.

Sanko was adorned with a gemstone-encrusted white-gold tiara in Moscow after impressing the jury of the Miss Russia 2019 pageant. She and 49 other contestants from all parts of Russia took part in the final of the competition in Moscow on Saturday.

Russia’s top-50 beauties were selected from over 300 contenders in February. The final included several stages, in which the young women had to demonstrate their grace, talents and sharpness of mind. The final shortlist included just 10 names, with Sanko coming out on top in the end.

According to her profile, Sanko was born in the small port town of Azov in Rostov Region. She is an experienced amateur painter, who also loves poetry and wants to host literary events in the future. She is now slated to represent Russia in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants later this year.

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