Indian man swallows 116 IRON NAILS and survives

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Iron is crucial for the healthy functioning of your body. But one Indian man clearly overdid it when he snacked on as many as 116 iron nails, several pellets, and a long wire, which doctors had to remove from his stomach.

A surgeon in Bundi, north-western India, was puzzled after an X-ray showed his patient’s stomach was littered with sharp objects.  “I recommended for a CT scan. That, too, confirmed the same after which the patient was operated upon on Monday,”said Dr Saini, after Bhola Shankar, 42, came in with severe abdominal pains.

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It took doctors around half an hour to remove the dangerous items from his body. Most of the nails were 6.5cm long, which could have caused incurable damage had they entered the intestine.

Shankar, who works as a gardener, is said to have mental issues and couldn’t explain why he decided to eat such an impressive amount of dangerous objects, local media report.

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Doctors said it might be possible that he was swallowing them for a long period of time until a critical mass filled up his stomach.

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