Live streaming: Golfer Jon Rahm caught urinating up a tree during PGA Championship

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Friday’s live coverage of the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black featured some embarrassing footage of PGA pro Jon Rahm, who dashed off to the rough to relieve himself at a courseside tree.

Rahm’s playing partner Dustin Johnson was lining up his shot on the par-5 fourth hole during Friday’s play, when the 24-year-old Spanish player dashed off the fairway to answer the call of nature.

Fortunately for Johnson, Rahm was out of his eyeshot as he was preparing his shot. But, unfortunately for Rahm, he was right in the middle of the camera’s shot as it captured Johnson’s pre-shot prep.

It meant viewers got a little more than they bargained for as Rahm positioned himself in front of a tree to empty his bladder before continuing with his round.

And we can only imagine the clubhouse jokes that will be made at Rahm’s expense when he finishes his day’s play.

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