‘We fight too many wars!’ Rev. Jackson denounces US militarism after Venezuela embassy raid

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Renowned American civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson has spoken out against US militaristic foreign policy after delivering food supplies to peace activists at the Venezuelan embassy in DC before their forceful eviction.

The arrest of four remaining activists from the so-called Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective on Thursday by police will not change people’s resolve to protest against an American foreign policy which simply disregards the laws and sovereignty of other nations, Jackson told RT after visiting the embassy site on Wednesday.

“We are going to have a major demonstration in front of the embassy on this coming Sunday,” he said. “It will be focused not only on Venezuela but also on Yemen and North Korea and on South and Latin America.”

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“We want the conflict in Venezuela to be resolved. We want both sides to come to the common table and work out a solution to let people live in peace,” civil rights activist said.

Stressing that the US has repeatedly violated international law, citing examples of American wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, as well as the US support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, Rev. Jackson called on peace activists to “intensify struggle” in an effort to change the US’ foreign policy.

“We fight too many wars. We choose too much fighting instead of talking,” he stressed. “People must protest that because if they can violate this [international] law they can violate another.”

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