Indian Navy test fires medium range air defense missile, boasts ‘enhanced combat effectiveness’

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The Indian Navy has successfully tested a Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) developed by the national military research agency in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries.

“The firing was undertaken on the Western Seaboard by Indian Naval Ships Kochi and Chennai, wherein the missiles of both ships were controlled by one ship to intercept different aerial targets at extended ranges,” the country’s maritime force said, praising the “maiden cooperative engagement” between the Indian Navy, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The medium-range anti-air missile, co-developed with Israel, where it’s known as Barak-8, was manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited, India. It is designed to tackle a wide array of airborne threats from up to 70 km away, including enemy aircraft and hostile drones as well as anti-ship and ballistic missiles.

“This capability will significantly enhance the combat effectiveness of the Indian Navy,” the maritime force boasted.

Indian Navy has become a part of a select group of navies that have this niche capability.

While the fleet currently has the missiles fitted on Kolkata Class Destroyers, the country plans to install the MRSAMs on “all future major warships.”

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Last year, Israel’s major aerospace and aviation manufacturer signed a $777 million deal with India to provide New Delhi with long-range missile defense systems. A follow-up $93 million deal, signed in January, secured the Indian Navy’s access to IAI’s technology for medium-range missiles, including interceptors with modern radio frequency seekers and digital radar.

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