‘I don’t want it’: Mumbai police recruits Jon Snow to meme against drugs

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Media-savvy police in India’s Mumbai drove their anti-drug message home by employing a certain Jon Snow as its spokesman and having him warn about the dangers of substance abuse with his own Game of Thrones line.

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The Twitter account of Mumbai police was hardly desperate for a boost in popularity, considering its 4.7 million followers, but it surely earned one by posting a meme starring Games of Thrones character Jon Snow at the height of a worldwide post-finale GoT buzz.

In the show, Jon Snow, portrayed by Kit Harington, made it abundantly clear he did not want the Iron Throne by repeatedly saying “I don’t want it.” Somebody with Mumbai police saw a ready-made slogan for an anti-drug campaign, winning over both the Internet and the hearts of seasoned fans of the acclaimed HBO saga.

“When a friend suggest trying drugs,” Mumbai police prefaced Jon Snow’s refusal meme, adding on a #GOTit hashtag.

The Mumbai police account is no stranger to using videos, images and customized memes to bring across messages like fighting fraud or child labor or promoting road safety. Its latest effort has drawn particular attention online, and earned the account handler praise for their ingenuity.

Not everyone thought Jon Snow’s grim image was fit to be a positive example, given his history of violence, including (SEASON 8 FINALE SPOILER ALERT) the killing of The Queen of Dragons.

Others responded with memes of their own creation.

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