Deadly crash-landing of passenger plane in Russia caught in knuckle-clenching VIDEO

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Footage purportedly showing the emergency landing of an An-24 plane in Siberia shot from inside the doomed aircraft has been published online. Two crew members died in the tragic incident.

The video was uploaded on Thursday on Russian social media and was reportedly filmed by a passenger of the plane, which skidded off the runway and caught fire after ramming into a service building. It shows the entire emergency landing complete with the moment of impact.

The passenger plane had to make its landing in Nizhneangarsk in Buryatia after one of its engines reportedly failed mid-flight.

The flight captain and a flight mechanic were killed in the incident, while 42 people were successfully rescued from the burning aircraft before the fire spread. Four survivors were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Another 29 required medical attention, health officials said.

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