US ‘gunboat diplomacy’ tried to humiliate Venezuela – Putin

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Russia does not meddle in Venezuela or anywhere else, President Vladimir Putin said, criticizing Washington for trying to impose its own leaders on Latin America and around the world.

The Russian head of state told the Financial Times on Wednesday that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is not being preserved in power “only by Russian weapons,” explaining that Moscow has agreements with Caracas and that Russian advisers and experts were in Venezuela to that effect, but there were no troops.

We do not meddle in things; it is none of our business… This problem should be sorted out by the Venezuelan people themselves. That is all.

He contrasted the Russian position in Venezuela with US-led “regime change” operations in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Libya and Iraq, that resulted in complete collapse of governments and the rise of terrorism.

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“Do we want to revert to gunboat diplomacy? What do we need it for?” he asked.

Is it necessary to humiliate Latin American nations so much in the modern world and impose forms of government or leaders from the outside?

While many things could have done differently when it comes to the economy of Venezuela, Russia believes in a hands-off approach when it comes to the country’s politics, Putin explained.

In Venezuela, as with everywhere else, Russia approves of political developments “if they are taking place in accordance with internal rules and the country’s legislation, its constitution, and in line with the people’s will.”

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“Is it enough that [Juan Guaidó] entered a square and proclaimed himself president? Is the entire world supposed to support him as president?” Putin asked. “Let us do the same in Japan, the US or Germany. What will happen? Do you understand that this will cause chaos all over the world?”

“Where are the self-proclaimed presidents and opposition leaders? Some of them have taken refuge in foreign embassies and others are in hiding. What do we have to do with this?” he asked, referring to the US-backed opposition that has tried to claim power in Caracas.

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