Russia rejects ‘cowboy movie-style’ deal with US, prefers dialogue based on mutual respect – Kremlin

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Relations between Moscow and Washington shouldn’t resemble cowboy movies with their on-the-hoof deal-striking, the Kremlin press secretary said. They should be based on respect for mutual interests and aimed at specific results.

“‘Deals’ is cowboy movie-style terminology,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov said, responding to a question about the prospects for Russia-US bilateral ties. The reporter for Rossiya 1 channel wanted to know if a “big deal” was in store for the two countries in the near future. Peskov said the very term didn’t appeal to the Russian government in the least.

What appeals to us is a negotiation process, aiming at specific results and based on mutual benefit as well as respect for the mutual interests of the two countries.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have just held talks at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan. Despite Russia-US relations being at their lowest since the Cold War, the two leaders seemed satisfied with the meeting, during which they agreed to work towards mending the ties and to “continue discussions” on arms control.

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As for the US sanctions on Russia, Putin said that Moscow won’t be asking Washington for their removal, but would react positively if this happened. The Russian leader also invited his American counterpart to come to Moscow next spring for the Victory Day celebrations there, and Trump reportedly liked the idea.

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