‘Full of s***’ – Nick Kyrgios shot down by Wimbledon team-mate in press conference

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He did so before the explosive clash with Rafael Nadal in the singles and continued afterwards.

The world No 43 showed no sign of hangover today as he and Krawczyk fell at the first hurdle.

The Australian claimed he would be having a night off the booze after crashing out of both draws.

But Krawczyk was having none of it as they giggled together in the joint press conference.

“Yeah, good. I had about eight-and-a-half hours of match play in three days just from singles, so my body is actually feeling okay,” Kyrgios said.

“I’m going to get a good rest tonight.”

To which Krawczyk replied: “Are you? Full of s***. Full of s***. Sorry for my language (smiling).”

And Kyrgios continued: “Eat up and stretch and make it an early night.”

To which Krawczyk quipped: “I’m sure they all believe that.”

The pair had great chemistry both on and off the court as they laughed and joked throughout.

But Kyrgios is not heading home just yet as he plans to hang around at Wimbledon over the next few days to cheer on his friends.

“I’ll probably hang around the next couple days,” he added.

“I have a couple friends still playing. I’m not sure what I’ll do from here.

“I’ve got to organise what my plan is going to be.

“As I said, just have to be all the right things, be professional, recover the next couple days and get some good rest.”

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