Andy Murray and Serena Williams WIN Wimbledon mixed doubles opener in crowd pleaser

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It was the match everybody at Wimbledon on Saturday was waiting to see and it didn’t disappoint.

Williams’ credentials in doubles, especially at Wimbledon, are proven but the main question was how would she work alongside Murray?

That question was answered in the very first game with Murray and Williams breaking Mies & Guarachi straight away.

And they only grew from there quickly taking the first set with the crowd delighted by the show being put on in front of them.

Andy Murray and Serena Williams won their Wimbledon mixed doubles opener

Andy Murray and Serena Williams won their Wimbledon mixed doubles opener (Image: GETTY)

Williams and Murray were then able to enjoy themselves move in the second set and they’re game only improved even more.

It looked as though the duo had been playing together for years not days as they broke twice in the second set to take a commanding lead.

Then came the shining moment at 5-1. They needed three opportunities at match point, but Murray duly delivered with a controlled backhand down the line to win the match.

Serena Williams won her third round singles match against Julie Goerges

Serena Williams won her third round singles match against Julie Goerges (Image: GETTY)

Andy Murray and Serena Williams win Wimbledon mixed doubles

*denotes previous server

GAME, SET & MATCH! Serena Williams and Andy Murray win 6-3, 6-1.

Murray/Williams 6-4 561 Guarachi*/Mies

Mini break for Murray and Williams after Guarachi double faults. A chance to wrap it up here?? Murray with a delightfully placed shot and they have two match points.

Mies smashes one down at the net to save the first. Murray agonisingly misses down the line on the second.

A third opportunity following a trademark Andy Murray smash… and they do it! Murray sends one down the line again and this time makes it!

Murray*/Williams 6-4 5-1 Guarachi/Mies

Brilliant return from Mies on a Murray serve to blast it past Williams, but the Brit sees out the game to put them within one of the win.

Murray/Williams 6-4 4-1 Guarachi/Mies*

First game of the set for Mies & Guarachi but we’re just two wins away from Murray and Williams winning this.

Murray/Williams* 6-4 4-0 Guarachi/Mies

A rare double fault from Williams gives Guarachi and Mies a 0-30 break. First real chance for Mies and Guarachi now as they get three break points.

Incredible fightback from Murray and Williams though to save all three and they hold on to take a commanding lead.

Murray/Williams 6-4 3-0 Guarachi*/Mies

Two break points for Murray and Williams at 40-15. Brilliantly played by Mies to save both though with an array of shotmaking.

Williams bites right back with a winner of her own for a third break opportunity. And they get the break! Guarachi forced back and can’t sort her feet out in time, sending a backhand into the net.

Serena Williams and Andy Murray won the first set

Serena Williams and Andy Murray won the first set (Image: GETTY)

Murray*/Williams 6-4 2-0 Guarachi/Mies

Mini break for Mies & Guarachi is quickly cut down with a Murray ace. He follows up with an unreturned serve but a missed opportunity to hold as Murray races back shouting ‘I got it,I got it’, only he didn’t have it. Deuce.

It doesn’t matter though as Guarachi can’t return Murray’s 120mph serve and the Grand Slam duo take a 2-0 lead.

Murray/Williams 6-4 1-0 Guarachi/Mies*

Two strong serves from Mies are quickly followed by a couple of errors before Murray sends one in the middle of Mies & Guarachi, which the former couldn’t get over the net for break point.

And they get the luck off the net with Williams’ backhand bouncing over Mies!


Murray*/Williams 6-4 Guarachi/Mies

Two set points on Murray’s serve. And they win it in style with Williams smashing one down at the net.

Murray/Williams 5-4 Guarachi/Mies*

Mini break for Murray and Williams as Guarachi sends a volley long. And a ferocious Williams backhand couldn’t be returned by Guarachi at the net. Two set points.

Perfect time for an ace from Mies to save the first. They miss the second chance following a rally at the net. Deuce.

Williams again with a stunning cross-court forehand to bring up a third set point. Hilarity ensues at the net on the following point as Williams gets caught up and rolls over drawing laughter from all four players. Another missed opportunity for Murray and Williams but they’re in every service game.

Murray/Williams* 5-3 Guarachi/Mies

‘Great serve’ – Murray praising Williams for another strong service game. She has looked dominant so far.

Murray/Williams 4-3 Guarachi*/Mies

Murray and Williams quickly get a break point opportunity, but it’s quickly batted away.

Mies follows that up with another lovely drop-volley but Murray responds with a stunning winner across the court. And the Brit goes one better than Mies’ dropshot with an even better one to bring up another break opportunity. Missed. A third quickly follows but once again they can’t make it stick. Mies & Guarachi make them pay for those missed chances by holding.

Andy Murray and Serena Williams got off to a fast start

Andy Murray and Serena Williams got off to a fast start (Image: GETTY)

Serena Williams has admitted the hype around this game has given her nerves

Serena Williams has admitted the hype around this game has given her nerves (Image: GETTY)

Murray*/Williams 4-2 Guarachi/Mies

Williams leading the charge with Murray. Taking lead on most plays. You’d think these two had played together for years.

Murray/Williams 3-2 Guarachi/Mies*

The crowd have settled down now that the players have got into rhythm. Strong service game from Mies, not giving Williams or Murray much of a chance from his serves.

Murray/Williams* 3-1 Guarachi/Mies

A dominant service game from 14-time doubles Grand Slam champion Williams. Murray wins the point with a long forehand.

Murray/Williams 2-1 Guarachi*/Mies

Back-to-back winners from Williams hands them another two break points.

She can’t make it three in a row as her next shot flies into the net.

The next two points are well saved by Guarachi and Mies. And they hold to get their first game on the board.

Murray/Williams 2-0 Guarachi*/Mies

Brilliant reaction at the net from Williams to somehow get her volley back the other side of the net.

Credit to Mies though who hits a return on Murray’s serve through the middle of Murray and Williams to make it 40-30.

But a expertly placed serve-and-volley from Murray hands them the game.

Murray/Williams 1-0 Guarachi/Mies*

Early rally between Williams and Mies at the net with the American coming out on top.

The Grand Slam duo immediately get two break point opportunities. Williams sends the first chance into the net, but Murray catches Mies out with an awkward forehand and they get the early break!


Andy Murray crashed out of the men's doubles earlier

Andy Murray crashed out of the men’s doubles earlier (Image: GETTY)

7:05pm: 24 hours after it was meant to get underway Wimbledon finally get to see Serena Williams and Andy Murray together on Centre Court. Players out warming up now.

6:55pm: CONFIRMED: Serena Williams and Andy Murray on Centre Court

6:53pm: Roger Federer wins! Pouille put up a good fight but Federer’s class prevails.

It’s still not ‘officially’ been announced but expect Serena Williams and Andy Murray on Centre Court soon…

6:50pm: Federer up a mini break in the tiebreak…

6:45pm: We’re into a tiebreak in this all important third set between Federer and Pouille.

6:35pm: Dan Evans has just dropped the second set against Sousa. They’re tied 1-1. Roger Federer leads Lucas Pouille 6-5 in the third set but the Frenchman is up serving now to force a tiebreak. Looking likely it will be Centre Court now…

6:20pm: Let’s try this again shall we?

Good evening and welcome to Express Sport’s live blog for the hotly anticipated mixed doubles match with Andy Murray and Serena Williams sharing the same side of the court.

Wimbledon fans were forced to wait for this after Cori Gauff’s heroics on Centre Court last night forced Andy and Seren’s mixed doubles match to be postponed for a day, meaning both players would have to play twice on Saturday. 

We’ve got Roger Federer up two sets in midway through the third on Centre Court and Dan Evans a set and a break up on Court One. Looking likely Williams and Murray will be on Centre. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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