Is height important on dating sites?

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Height appears to play an important role on dating sites, some users say

When it comes to dating they say age is nothing but a number but what about height?

A video of a man reacting furiously in a bagel shop where he believes customers are mocking him for being short has sparked a discussion about the importance placed on height when dating.

The footage shows the man in a Long Island, New York, bagel shop launching into an angry tirade about the responses he gets from women on dating sites because he is short.

The video was filmed on Wednesday by a customer who caught the moment the man became visibly upset asking, “Why is it ok for women to say oh you’re 5 ft on dating sites you should be dead, that’s OK?”

A man was filmed in a bagel shop reacting angrily to being mocked about his short height

A female customer attempts to calm him down saying no one in the shop had said that, to which he furiously erupts again accusing the woman of suggesting he is “making it up.”

When a male customer attempts to intervene, the man challenges him to a fight. “You’re not God or my father, or my boss. Dude, you wanna step outside, huh?”

The video has been viewed 20 million times on Twitter, prompting hundreds of comments.

One Twitter user posted: “As a 5’7 guy, I feel his pain. It annoys me when girls avoid short guys like the plague. But it doesn’t make me hate all women and generalise them. It also doesn’t excuse his behaviour.”

Another tweet read: “I’m 5’4″ and have only let my height bother me once. Yes, women on most dating sites are only looking for tall men, but I’ve dated women 5’10” and even one that was 6′. So if someone doesn’t like my height that’s on them.”

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