Jeremy Hunt stays mum when asked about Assange on way to press freedom conference (VIDEO)

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What did UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the host of an international media freedom conference, have to say about the controversial arrest and pending extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? Nothing.

Assange marked his 48th birthday inside a top security British prison last week, where he is awaiting extradition hearings on request from the US, where he is likely to be sentenced to effectively a lifetime behind bars. Critics say he is being punished for revealing embarrassing secrets of the US government and that his expected trial and conviction would set a disastrous precedent for media freedom.

Also on London proudly hosts press freedom forum, defends right to spy on journos in Strasbourg the same day

Seems like a thing to be discussed at the Global Conference for Media Freedom currently underway in London? Not really, it’s not on the agenda.

So Ruptly, RT’s video agency, which was not allowed to take part in the high-profile gathering by the British authorities, tried to get a comment from Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt as he was rushing to the event on Thursday. The official wouldn’t say a word about Assange and only muttered that banning Russian media from the conference was “not about freedom.”

His nonchalance was caught on camera.

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