Lucky ‘cash storm’ victims risk charges after armored truck loses $175K on Georgia highway (VIDEOS)

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An armored vehicle belonging to GardaWorld Corp. popped a door and spilled over $175,000 onto an highway outside Atlanta, Georgia, causing stunned motorists to drop everything and grab some of the flying money for themselves.

One video posted on Twitter shows cars stopping in the middle of Interstate 285 as their occupants wasted no time taking advantage of the situation. Another shows a line of cars pulled over – on the shoulder, this time – their owners bending down to grab bills flying through the air. Amazingly, no crashes or injuries (or fights) were reported.

By the time the truck realized its side door had come open, nearly everything was gone, and the drivers were only able to gather a few hundred dollars, mostly in small bills, according to local media. The truck held all denominations of bills – ones to 100s – though a Reddit user who shared video of the incident commented that they hadn’t pulled over because it was “not worth it for some 1s.”

The Dunwoody Police Department warned that it would be using video of the Tuesday evening incident to track down the lucky Atlantans through their license plate numbers and begged the beneficiaries of the “isolated cash storm” to return the money.

What we’re asking the public to do is bring the money back, don’t make us come looking for you, because if we do that, you will probably be charged,” Dunwoody Police Sgt. Robert Parsons said. At least two people reportedly turned in their bounty on Wednesday – some of it, at least.

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