Umbrellas v. batons: Protesters clash with police at Hong Kong mall (VIDEO)

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Riot police used batons and pepper spray against demonstrators occupying a mall in Hong Kong during a protest against the controversial extradition bill with China.

Demonstrators had retreated to the shopping center after a large rally in the Sha Tin district in eastern Hong Kong. Police in riot gear were pushing protesters out of the building using shields and batons, while umbrellas and bottles were tossed back at them.

There have been injuries on both sides, according to local media. Footage from the scene by RT’s Ruptly video agency showed blood on the floor and an unconscious female demonstrator.

Hong Kong residents have been protesting against the extradition bill since mid-June. They argue that the legislation, allowing for local suspects to be sent to mainland China, would give too much authority to Beijing and would lead to a crackdown on dissidents.

Since the end of British rule in 1997, Honk Kong has been enjoying broad autonomy as a unique part of China, with Beijing in charge of defense and international affairs only.

The unrest there has already seen the city administration suspending the bill indefinitely, but the protesters now demand its complete withdrawal, the resignation of the city’s chief executive Carrie Lam, the prosecution of police over excessive use of force and the release of all those who have been arrested in recent weeks.

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