2 killed, dozens injured after amusement park ride SNAPS IN HALF in India (DISTURBING)

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At least two people have lost their lives in a horror incident at an amusement park in Ahmedabad, India, after a ride full to its capacity snapped in half mid-air and crashed to the ground.

The main shaft of the Discovery pendulum ride broke down just as it started gaining speed, sending everyone on board tumbling down. Disturbing videos from the scene showed the moment of the incident, as well as people rushing to save those injured.

Two people were killed in the tragedy, while 15 others were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, Vijay Nehra, Ahmedabad’s Municipal Corporation (AMC) commissioner said.

“The AMC fire department conducted swift disaster response operations. The heads of departments of paediatrics, ortho and surgery reported to the hospital and the injured are being treated,” Nehra said.

Authorities launched an investigation into the cause of the incident, looking to see if the Kankaria Adventure Park had a proper license to operate the ride, while forensic lab is probing the maintenance of the construction.

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