Chinese toy-maker creates LIFE-SIZE & MOVING transformer from broken car (VIDEO)

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Taking a leap straight from the movie screen to his backyard, a Chinese toy designer has fulfilled every boy’s childhood dream, creating a moving 4-meter-tall transformer from a broken down car.

Wang Yanbing-the-toy-maker, head-over-heels with the Transformers universe, has put his engineering skills at work and turned an old-wheeled piece of junk into a piece of contemporary art – or something like it.

On Sunday, he demonstrated a giant transformer assembling into a car and back into a humanoid-like machine at the push of a button.

The remote-controlled transformer moved its head and arms, while riding across his creator’s yard.

Yanbing says it took him eight months and around €9,000 to make the intricate mechanism that allowed the car to turn into a transformer with the help of a remote control.

In the near future, the proud inventor hopes to launch an entire production line of similar machines. Perhaps, one of them will show up at your back door.

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