Hong Kong police seize explosives at storehouse used by pro-independence group

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One person was arrested after Hong Kong police discovered a stash of explosives and weapons, stored along with banners and clothes bearing an emblem of the Hong Kong National Front (HKNF) party, in a raid on Friday night.

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Police said Saturday a bomb disposal unit was called to the warehouse belonging to the pro-independence group to carry out a controlled detonation of the highly unstable substance tri-acetone tri-peroxide (TATP). A total of two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of TATP was discovered by the police, in addition to 10 incendiary devices, acidic substances and sharp tools, that could be used as weapons, The Hong Kong Free Press reported. 

The HKNF acknowledged the arrest of one of its members, who was identified as a 27-year-old man, but denied any prior knowledge of the weapons haul, insisting the storage site was used exclusively for sound equipment and leaflets.

Police described the explosives as “extremely sensitive and extremely powerful” with a potential to inflict “exceptional amounts of damage when used” and the cache itself as the “largest seizure” in Hong Kong history. The HKNF is a small pro-independence party that calls for “armed resistance against the Communist China regime.”

The incident comes just ahead of the opposition rally planned for Sunday.

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1 thought on “Hong Kong police seize explosives at storehouse used by pro-independence group

  1. The Hong Kong police should do what the US does.
    Confiscate the contents of the warehouse including the cash,
    Arrest the owner, tenant, occupants and anyone who went there.
    Choke off the funding of the protestors the same way the US chokes off funding
    of Venezuela’a Maduro.

    Do the protestors not have to work and how do they eat or pay bills without working
    and have all the time to protests?

    Follow the money trail of the NED (National Endowment Fund).
    All incoming foreign money over the equivalent of US$10,000 should be reported and checked on the grounds of national security such as the Patriotic money laundering act in the US.

    Make public all the monetary sources of the NED and things related to the warehouse.
    Then use that evidence to expose the culprit and which country they are from.

    Then let’s see how long the protestors can last.

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