Protester attack on Beijing’s Hong Kong office is hurtful to ‘all Chinese people’ – envoy

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China’s envoy to Hong Kong has lashed out at demonstrators who attacked Beijing’s Liaison Office in the autonomous territory, describing their vandalism as hurtful to all Chinese people.

“These (acts) have seriously damaged Hong Kong’s highly cherished rule of law spirit… and seriously damaged the feelings of all Chinese people including seven million Hong Kong compatriots,” Wang Zhimin told reporters on Monday, adding that he hopes the authorities will bring the “rioters” to justice.

Thousands of protesters assembled outside Beijing’s office on Sunday evening, pelting the building with eggs and projectiles.

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The compound was also vandalized with graffiti. The incident marks the latest civil unrest over a controversial extradition bill that could see criminals sent from the semi-autonomous city to mainland China. While the bill was suspended in mid-June after the protests began, it failed to placate the opposition, which now wants it withdrawn completely.

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