Boris Johnson orders Brexit countdown clock for Downing Street

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A Brexit countdown clock worth an estimated £500 has been delivered to Downing Street as time ticks down to 31 October.

The timepiece will be displayed in Prime Ministers Boris Johnson’s office, Number 10 confirmed.

A similar clock has also been hung in Conservative Party headquarters below a message saying “we will have delivered Brexit and left the EU by”.

Party chair James Cleverly posed for a photo with it on one of his first days in the new job.

It is not clear how much the clocks cost, but similar items sell online for more than £500, plus VAT.

The Conservatives are footing the bill rather than taxpayers, a party spokesperson said.

There are 92 days until Britain is due to leave the EU, which Mr Johnson has promised will happen on time “do or die”.

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A cash injection of £2.1bn was pledged on Thursday by Chancellor Sajid Javid to “turbocharge” no-deal preparations.

“We want to leave with a good deal,” he said.

“But, if we don’t get that good deal, we will be leaving with no-deal.

A package containing a digital countdown clock is carried in to 10 Downing Street in London.
Image: Taxpayers are not footing the bill for the timepiece

“Since I’ve arrived at the Treasury I have turbocharged our preparations, both at the Treasury and helping across government, to prepare for no deal.

“Not because we want it. But we have to be prepared because we will be leaving on 31 October.”

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