Here we go again: Rubio blames ‘Putin trolls’ for #ClintonBodyCount vs #TrumpBodyCount Twitter war

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The conspiracy war triggered by Jeffrey Epstein’s abrupt death and waged under anti-Clinton and anti-Trump banners, has only one logical explanation – Russia, Senator Marco Rubio claimed, as US leader himself fueled controversy.

The death of the disgraced financier and convicted sex trafficker has set social media ablaze. The fact that his “apparent suicide”, as authorities keep calling it pending investigation, took place just a day after a trove of unsealed court documents revealed his ties to the highest ranks of the US establishment – including president Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton – only added fuel to it.

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Various conspiracy theories spread like wildfire and Twitter was soon flooded with messages tagged #ClintonBodyCount, claiming that the former president’s family might have had a hand in all of this. The rival #TrumpBodyCount hashtag cropped up immediately, blaming the mysterious death on the current US leader.

Some rushed to accuse Twitter administration of bias and picking a side in this war, by downplaying the popularity of anti-Clinton hashtag and deliberately promoting the one blaming Trump.

Even Trump himself retweeted a post skeptical that Epstein’s death was a suicide, and that is when Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) decided to step up and blame the madness on the usual culprits – the Russians. The senator turned to accuse Putin and his bots (Trump included?) of “aggressively pushing” the viral hashtags to further “weaponize our polarization.”

The call for unity has, however, failed convince Americans to stop “unwittingly helping” those pesky Russians, as there was no shortage of people from both camps arguing right under Rubio’s post, but now reinforced by career Russiagaters.

Many criticized Rubio for battling conspiracy theories by pushing another one. Yet, he was not the first to drag Moscow into this mess. Earlier, an MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough, was mocked for claiming the Epstein’s death definitely looks like something the omnipresent Kremlin’s hand would do.

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